Vision Statement

If elected President of the United States of America in the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton would be a leader who has the American confidence and optimism that has qualified previous generations to meet the toughest challenges. Hillary would plan to ensure the social welfare of all citizens of this nation and would accomplish this through government changes such as significant tax increases for the wealthy, affordable health care plans for every American, and sufficient support for the Social Security Administration. The position of Commander-in-Chief for this great nation is not one to be abused for its power and prestige. Hillary would fill the role with solely the people’s needs in mind, so that she may aid in protecting the freedom and rights of every United States’ citizen.

Article. I.

Section. 1. Poverty

Millions of Americans are living in poverty. This problem will best be solved with stronger support for the current programs aimed to lift citizens above the poverty threshold. We must ensure that the economy is in favor of everyone, rather than turn our backs on those who have lost jobs, lost benefits, and therefore lost their footing on the economic ladder.

As President, Hilary plans on launching a new system of tax credit that encourages business investments in communities threatened by globalized industries, bringing both new job opportunities and new investment possibilities to communities in danger of outsourced labor markets.

Section. 2. Welfare

Hillary strongly believes that those who are responsible and willing to work hard in an effort to support their families should be provided with the resources needed to do so. By providing systems of support such as childcare assistance, easier access to training and education, and affordable benefits, hard-working Americans in need will be more likely to succeed.

Article. II.

Section. 1. Healthcare Reform

With healthcare costs increased almost 90% in the past decade, it is unnerving to notice the simultaneous decrease in family incomes. Hillary therefore plans to bring into effect the a healthcare plan that presents Americans more options for health care coverage. Access will be equal, dividing the responsibility of ensuring quality remains high while prices remain low between all Americans.

Businesses will also be affected by Hillary’s new policies, and will be required, whether a large corporation or a family-owned business, to provide some sort of support for their employees. Health care providers will also be under scrutiny, in an effort to prevent purposefully under-priced policies and discrimination based on pre-existing conditions.

Section. 2. Social Security

In an effort to better prepare Americans for the expenses of retirement, She will establish savings accounts for Americans which will help individuals and families save for retirement by offering to match tax cuts. She will also encourage employers to provide direct deposit banking into these savings accounts so that deposits are guaranteed.

Additionally, these reformed policies will address the inefficiency of the current Social Security system, distribute tax cuts for middle-income earners rather than high income earners, and allow lower-income families who are participating in the food stamp program the opportunity to establish a savings while maintaining their current amount of government support.

Article. III.

Section. 1. Tax Policies

Hillary intends to continue current tax cuts for middle class Americans. These include the continuation of the child tax credit, and the establishment of tax credits for families with a child in college and those who are caring for an elderly relative or disabled child, or are planning their finances for long term care.

In the business sector, small businesses will be granted tax credits in order to afford health care for their employees and penalties will be applied to American companies who send jobs overseas. By eliminating the current incentives for outsourcing, which include being able to evade the payment of U.S. taxes for American workers, these companies will be forced to keep jobs and profits on American soil.


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