Hillary Clinton Advocates for World Child Survival

Hillary Clinton Advocates for World Child Survival

For immediate press release:

November 21th, 2013

Contact: Steve Li ssli@ucdavis.edu Press Secretary, Hillary Clinton 2016

Hillary Clinton Advocates for World Child Survival

Children around the world are the future of tomorrow, yet more than 7 million children will die before they see their fifth birthday. Most of the children that are dying before they reach their fifth birthday are located in Africa.

The most vulnerable population are the children and they are dying from hunger, malaria, and lack of healthcare. All of which are death’s that could have been prevented with the right resources. The Hillary Clinton campaign believes that we need to hold ourselves and the world accountable to ensure the survival of all children. ” We would have set ourselves on a path to a world that is more stable, more prosperous, and more just,” said Clinton.

The picture above was taken when Hillary Clinton was 5 years old. She hopes that all children will have the opportunity to make friends, accomplish their dreams and live to take the same picture when they reach their fifth birthday.

Hillary Clinton is the leader who will lead America with cleverness, originality, and innovative spirit.

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